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NVF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to educating and equipping individuals.


Financial Self-Sufficiency

it's all about equipping the underserved.




Scholarships change lives...

Scholarships backed by our partners through New Village Foundation allow students from underserved populations to get equipped for a rewarding career and acheive financial self-sufficiency. 


Scholarships Awarded

Self-sufficiency matters.

It matters because all people are anointed and gifted to become impactful community members. 

All people deserve a chance to thrive in life, be emotionally healed from past traumas, pursue an education and training, hold a job that supports their dreams...

and in turn, help another person to do the same by mentoring, outreach, and serving the wider community.

Scholarships make the difference...

Father of Seven Changes Life with NVI Scholarship

Brandon Patterson, 34, spent 16 years working jobs he didn’t like.   He finally had an epiphany. 


He always enjoyed working on cars but had never formally studied vehicle maintenance. He found NVI Institute Blairsville in Pennsylvania through a web search. A couple of conversations later, he was on his way to a life-changing course of study he completed in six months at NVI, the nation’s largest campus dedicated to auto and diesel tech training.

NVI diploma lands graduate dream job at rail giant CSX

Ryley Gonter landed his well-paying dream job at rail transportation giant CSX immediately after graduating from NVI Institute Blairsville's innovative and focused six-month program in diesel technology.


With the help of NVI's caring and experienced instructors, Ryley overcame issues with attention deficit disorder that had plagued his high school education and in some cases had turned into an excuse. He became part of NVI's inaugural graduation class.


Self-sufficiency is the foundation of a healthy global society.

Achieving personal and family self-sufficiency can provide solutions to many of the social, economic, and community issues facing our world today.

Self-sufficient community members drive economic and social success.

When we heal, equip, employ, and house those in need, they gain self-sufficiency, self-worth, and the ability to help others.


“Oran a azu nwa”

“It takes a village to raise a child”

-Nigerian Proverb

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to educating and equipping individuals, families and communities to enable them to thrive and be self-sufficient, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of giving back.

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