Financial Self-Sufficiency

it's all about equipping the underserved.

NVF was formed because we have a willingness to follow God in response to God's big assignments.


We combine an entrepreneurial spirit and business excellence with Christ’s heart for those who lack opportunity, serving the underserved and restoring family foundations.


NVF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to educating and equipping individuals.

Creating jobs is only the first step...

The Foundation is a conduit to New Village Initiative's creation of 2 million jobs, building of 2 million houses, and helping and equipping 2 million families.  New Village Foundation will equip people with the life skills to obtain and maintain those jobs, help put them in affordable houses, and help develop skills to build healthy families.

Adult Education Course


We are a Life-Equipping Organization designed to help people through life trauma:

  • Fostering healing so they can be focused and productive

  • Enabling vocational education with scholarships if needed

  • Equipping and mentoring so people are prepared to enter and thrive in a head-of-household career that can support a family on one job.



In partnership with NVI Trade Schools, the New Village Foundation identifies individuals who would benefit from a scholarship to attend these schools. 

This opportunity can provide the opportunity to develop a skill set to secure a higher paying salary in an underemployed industry. 

Country Roads


We coordinate with the NVI Trade Schools to maintain vehicles that can be provided to those people identified as in need of transportation to get to their jobs.   

Modern Houses Neighborhood


In partnership with NVI, the New Village Foundation will identify individuals or families in need of transitional housing while under-employed, allowing for opportunities to purchase a first home with new career income.


Self-sufficiency matters.

It matters because all people are anointed and gifted to become impactful community members. 

All people deserve a chance to thrive in life, be emotionally healed from past traumas, pursue an education and training, hold a job that supports their dreams...

and in turn, help another person to do the same by mentoring, outreach, and serving the wider community.


Self-sufficiency is the foundation of a healthy global society.

Achieving personal and family self-sufficiency can provide solutions to many of the social, economic, and community issues facing our world today.

Self-sufficient community members drive economic and social success.

When we heal, equip, employ, and house those in need, they gain self-sufficiency, self-worth, and the ability to help others.


“Oran a azu nwa”

“It takes a village to raise a child”

-Nigerian Proverb

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to educating and equipping individuals, families and communities to enable them to thrive and be self-sufficient, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of giving back.