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Equipping Centers train students for high-paying jobs and prepare them with financial, family, and relationship skills aligned with their goals and purpose

Creating jobs is just the first step...

NVI Institutes enable workers to develop the skills they will need in today's workforce.


NVI Institutes provide training necessary to secure a sustainable, well-paying job.

Creating Jobs

NVI Institutes partner with companies across a variety of industries to not only fill existing positions, but to create new jobs leveraging NVI technologies.

Lasting Impact

Creating jobs and empowering workers has a long-term effect not just on the workers themselves, but on their families and their community.


 Starting with our 27-acre
Blairsburg, Pennsylvania Campus, NVI Tech Schools will expand to multiple locations in 2022


In the Classroom


NVI Institutes train workers in the skills they will need for today's high-paying jobs in state-of-the-art classrooms and labs. 


Out in the World


NVI Institutes provide training not just in the classroom, but in the shop, in the lab, and on the job site, for workers who are prepared to hit the ground running.

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